Send Your Students to the Moon!

NASA is planning to return to the Moon and the first step is launching a lunar reconnaissance orbiter spacecraft this summer. On the NASA LRO website people can submit their names to be added to a list of names that will be sent into space with the LRO. Anyone adding their name to the list can print a certificate of participation in the LRO project with their name on it. The NASA LRO website has a great selection of interesting resources that science and math teachers will find useful including the history and development of lunar missions.

Here is a short NASA LRO promotional video.

Applications for Education
The NASA LRO website is full of great resources that teachers will find useful for teaching space science and the history of NASA lunar missions. In elementary schools adding students names to the list being included in the next mission and printing certificates for them could be a nice reward for a job well done on a space science lesson.


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