Minnesota Zoo Adventures

The Minnesota Zoo has some fun activities and games that students can use to learn about tigers and wolves. The tiger portion of the Minnesota Zoo’s website has five games designed for students age 10 and above. There are five activities or games in the tiger section. All five games can be played online.

The Wolf Quest game connected to the Minnesota Zoo’s website has more features and can be played for longer periods of time than the tiger activities. The Wolf Quest has to be downloaded and installed in order to be played. Wolf Quest is available for PC and Mac operating systems.

Applications for Education
The three of the five tiger activities are loosely connected to each other. In the first game students track down a loose tiger by using a variety of clues provided to them. In the second game students design a zoo exhibit to house the tiger in. Then in the third game students find a mate for the tiger based on information they gather about tiger biology. Together these three activities can be used to make a great lesson plan about biology and using research to solve a variety of problems.


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