Learn Out Loud – Audio Books and More

Learn Out Loud has gathered together a collection of over 2500 free audio books and other educational audio and video files. Learn Out Loud’s collection includes readings of famous literature as well as audio and video files of famous speeches and news reports. The collection is sorted into sixteen categories which can then be sorted alphabetically or by popularity.

Applications for Education
Learn Out Loud’s collection of free audio books can be used to make difficult texts more accessible to struggling readers. Learn Out Loud has files suitable for students in every grade from Kindergarten through high school. The Lit2Go selections on Learn Out Loud are specifically targeted toward elementary school and middle school students. Lit2Go features readings of common children’s literature.

Learn Out Loud’s collection of audio recordings of famous speeches can help to bring history alive for students. Learn Out Loud also features some free videos that history teachers will find make a nice supplement to their instruction.


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