Free Technology For Teachers: More Google Earth Resources

The number of websites and resources about using Google Earth in education is amazing. Every time I search for Google Earth resources I find something new and different. The Google Earth Education Community is a web page written by teachers in Arizona. There is a nice collection of placesets related to using Google Earth in science, history, art, and literature courses.

Applications for Educators
One of the great things about searching the Internet for education resources is that it always sets off a brainstorm of ideas for lesson plans. The Google Earth Education Community has some resources and ideas for lessons that I haven’t seen in too many places. The literature section offers a great idea for using Google Earth to create maps of places in famous fiction literature. The sample given suggests using Google Earth to create tours of places mentioned in Shakespeare’s writings and the places Shakespeare visited.

If you’re looking for help learning to utilize some of the different features in Google Earth, the Google Earth Blog provides some good instructions and tutorials.


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