Free Technology For Teachers: Keskidi – User Generated Subtitles

Keskidi is a website that makes it possible to subtitle online videos. Keskidi’s content is user generated. Users upload a video from a website or computer and then using the Keskidi program type in subtitles for the video. The Keskidi program includes a timer which makes it easier to sync the subtitles to the audio. If you’re having difficulty transcribing a portion of a video, don’t worry because you can allow other users to contribute to the subtitling process.

Applications for Education
Keskidi could provide a great activity for foreign language teachers. Students could find a video online that they like and then practice their vocabulary skills by subtitling the video on Keskidi. Student engagement could be substantially increased if they are allowed to select videos on their own. Here’s a short video that was popular last fall and would provide a good challenge for students to transcribe.


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