Author Stream – Convert Powerpoint to Flash Presentations

Author Stream is a newer service similar to Slide Share which converts your PowerPoint slide shows to flash media files. Just like Slide Share, Author Stream can be used to host and share your slide shows publicly or privately directly on the Author Stream website. In addition to sharing on the Author Stream website the slide shows you upload can also be shared via Youtube, iTunes, or embedded into a blog or website.

A free companion tool to Author Stream is Author Point Lite. Author Point Lite is a desktop application that converts Power Point files to flash files. Files converted with Author Point Lite retain all of the transitions, timings, and narration created in your original file. Author Point Lite is a free download.

Applications for Education
Author Stream provides
teachers with a free method for sharing notes and presentations with students without sending large email files. The Author Point Lite desktop client is a free download that teachers and students can use to enhance their presentations beyond the typical Power Point presentation. Last month using an online slide show host saved my lesson plan, you can read that blog post here.


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