Free Technology For Teachers: Zoho Challenge – Online Test Creation and Administration

Zoho provides a great, free, suite of online collaboration services including document creation, presenation creation, spreadsheets, and conferencing. The newest addition to Zoho’s services is Zoho Challenge. Zoho Challenge allows users to create customized tests for students to take online. Zoho Challenge tests can be written with multiple choice or open-ended questions or a combination of both. Tests created with Zoho Challenge can have a time limit imposed or be given without a time limit. Each test can be individually assigned to test takers. Finally, when a test is created with Zoho Challenge the test creator can decide whether or not the test taker can see the results.

Applications for Education
Zoho Challenge is a great tool for teachers.
The flexibility to include multiple choice and open-ended questions in the same test is a nice advantage over many online testing tools. Teachers can give tests online to their students through Zoho Challenge. The tests could be given in a supervised setting for tests that count toward a semester grade. Or the students can take the tests on their own as a practice activity. The time limit feature is a good way to impose a strict time limit for tests like an end of the year exam or in cases where someone other than the classroom teacher is proctoring an exam.


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