Free Technology For Teachers: Zoey Bot – Animated Safe Search

ZoeyBot is a new entry in the safe search market for students age 7-13. ZoeyBot offers kids a safe way to search the Internet with animated help. ZoeyBot is a library or online encyclopedia of 4000 selected articles on a wide range of topics. ZoeyBot does not link to external websites so students are not subjected to advertising or inappropriate links. The ZoeyBot search engine includes a large collection of images and videos in addition to articles.
In addition to the search features, ZoeyBot offer tutorials and games to help students learn and practice their academic skills. ZoeyBot also includes music player and news ticker.

Applications for Education
ZoeyBot is a good way to introduce younger students to Internet searches. The virtual desktop on ZoeyBot allows students to use multiple windows at once. Students can also save pages or article links to use later which is useful for students just learning the report writing or research process.


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