Wise Mapping – Visual Thinking

Wise Mapping is a new, free, collaborative mind mapping tool. Wise Mapping has fairly easy to use editing and sharing function. The each cell created in a Wise Mapping mind map can be dragged and moved around in the mind map without losing any text or text formatting. Wise Mapping lets users collaborate on the creation of mind map in the same manner that documents can be collaboratively written on Google Docs. Mind maps made on Wise Mapping can be shared with others via email, url link, or embedding into a blog or website.

Applications for Education
Mind maps are great way for students to organize their thoughts before writing a story or creating a presentation. A collaborative tool like Wise Mapping allows students, particularly visual learners, to organize
group projects.

Here is a simple mind map I made with Wise Mapping.

Here is a short video introduction to Wise Mapping.


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