SlideBoom – Share Your Slide Shows

Slide Boom is a new slide show sharing tool. Slide Boom, like Slide Share, allow users to upload their slide show presentations and share the slide shows publicly or privately. Slide Boom quickly converts your slide shows (my 17 slides about India uploaded in less than five minutes) for use on the Slide Boom website and provides the html code for use on other websites or blogs. One of Slide Boom’s best features is the ability to add slide show transcriptions in place of audio voice over. Probably the best aspect of Slide Boom is that the transitions you included in your original presentation are preserved when your slide show is uploaded to Slide Boom.

Below is a Slide Boom slide show about Slide Boom.

Applications for Education
Slide Boom is a good way for teachers and students to share presentations over the web. For teachers Slide Boom provides a tool for sharing notes and lectures to students who have been absent. Teachers can use Slide Boom to make a blog post for students to review in preparation for a test or to comment on as part of an ongoing discussion. Click here to read about the day that Slide Share saved my lesson plan.


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