Free Technology For Teachers: Scrapblog – Another Good Tool for Online Presentations

Scrapblog takes the idea of scrap-booking or collage making and puts it online in an easy to use format. Scrapblog allows users to incorporate pictures and videos as a part of a scrapblog. Scrapblog works with Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and other image hosting services. Scrapblogs can be created without having to create an account to get started. With a lot of online applications the registration process can be time consuming with students. Eliminating that step allows students to start their creation quickly.

Applications for Education
Scrapblog is a nice alternative to standard slide shows or collages. The transitions and page turning features allow Scrapblog to be used like a slide show or be used as a stand alone project to include in a class blog or website.

Below is a short introduction to Scrapblog.


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