Free Technology For Teachers: Online Resource for Visual Arts

VADS (Visual Arts Data Service) is project at the University College for the Creative Arts. The VADS project provides thousands of high quality images categorized thematically. Some of the collections are comprised of images of historical significance while other collections are comprised of images of more contemporary art. VADS provides more than just images, it also provides background information about each collection and links to investigate for further study. One of the really nice services VADS provides is a free light box service that users can use to save images into collections of their own and then share with others.

Applications for Education
The light box service VADS provides is a nice tool teachers and students can use to create their own collection of images for study. Under the “services” section of VADS teachers will find some great guides to using digital resources for teaching art. Also in the services section of VADS teachers will find case studies of digital resources being used as teaching tools.


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