Free Technology For Teachers: My Wonderful World – Geography Resources

My Wonderful World is really a wonderful website for Geography teachers and Geography students. My Wonderful World provides a host of great ideas, lesson plans, games, videos, and visual aids for teaching and learning geography. I’ve spent about an hour exploring the website over the last few days and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all that My Wonderful World has to offer. Some of the items on My Wonderful World that immediately stand out are great links to resources about geocaching and earthcaching activities, preparation materials for the National Geography Bee, and free classroom maps for teachers. My Wonderful World also has a Youtube channel where teachers will find appropriate Geography videos.

Applications for Education
My Wonderful World has a list of the top ten reasons for teaching and learning geography. In each of the items on the list are links to great teaching and learning materials. One of the best items on the list is #6, “make it extracurricular.” My Wonderful World suggests making geocaching or Earthcaching an extracurricular activity to get parents and community members involved in Geography education. This is a great idea because geocaching gets students outside while providing a hands-on learning experience. If you’re a Geography teacher in a rural school (like I am) geocaching provides practice with a skill that students may already have or may have a genuine need for.

Here is a short video from My Wonderful World.


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