Free Technology For Teachers: Hulu Adds New Features

Hulu, the video service featuring television and movies owned by NBC, Fox, and other media corporations has added a couple of new features. Hulu has added new sharing options in addition to normal embedding options. Read “application for education” below to find out about the best new feature for teachers.

Application for Education
Hulu now allows users to share all or part of video. This is particularly useful if you wish to show just a part of video to your students. Rather than showing the entire video or fast forwarding through the video (often difficult if your network is slow) users can cut and embed just a segment of a video. This editing option is very easy to use as you can see in the image below. Simply drag the start and end bars to adjust the length of the video. The video segment I’ve included is about two minutes I extracted from the one hour broadcast of the first episode of NBC’s Today Show.


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