Free Technology For Teachers: Global Campaign For Education

The Global Campaign For Education is planning to raise awareness about the Education for All Act. The mission of the Global Campaign for Education is to increase public awareness of the need for universal access to basic education. One of the ways that GCE is planning to promote their mission is through Action Week 2008. During Action Week 2008 (April 21-28), GCE hopes to set a world record for the largest simultaneous lesson taught. The lesson plan is about the need for universal access to education and the problems associated with lack of access to education. The lesson plan is designed to be used at any grade level. In the lesson plan packet (available as a PDF or Word document) are directions for using the lesson plan at different grade levels. The lesson plan packet also includes suggestions for further action after the lesson is completed. I plan to spend 30 minutes to participate in the world’s largest lesson plan, I hope you will join me.


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