Free Technology For Teachers: Create Flash Movies in a Flash

I first heard about Toufee last week on Wicked Decent Learning. Today was the first time I actually tried to use this great web application.
Toufee is a free flash-based movie maker program. At its most basic level Toufee is platform for making slide shows into movies. That feature is nothing special because a lot of programs have that capability. What makes Toufee a good program is the option of including video, still images, audio, and text into one video package. The videos made with Toufee are easily embedded into other websites or you can have your movies hosted on Toufee.

Applications for Educators
Toufee has a very simple drag and drop interface that students can learn quickly and easily. Students can use videos from other websites to include in their movies. The way I envision students creating products with Toufee is by combining still images and video clips to create persuasive videos. The text editor on Toufee allows users to place text over a video or image. This feature will allow the students to comment on or explain their reasons for including a particular video or image.

Below is a sample video from Toufee.

Making Flash is easy with Toufee!


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