Free Technology For Teachers: – Fake Money, Real Stocks is a new website designed as a stock market evaluation training website. Visitors to the website are greeted with two charts and some basic background information about a nameless stock. You’re then asked to make a decision (buy, sell, skip) based on the information at hand. Your portfolio starts out valued at $100,000 and increases or decreases based on the decisions you make. As I found out today, Inspectd’s warning that website is addictive is correct. Inspectd has a discussion forum in which you can discuss trading strategies and stock analysis.

Applications for Educators is a nice resource for Business, Economics, Social Studies, and possibly teachers to use with students to get them thinking about
market patterns. does lack some features that would be useful for higher level evaluation, but the upside to is that you could have a large class of students using the game in minutes.


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