Free Technology For Teachers: Urgency Affects End Goal

Seth Godin is a world renowned business and marketing guru. His blog is one of the 50 most read blogs in the world. Much of what he writes has no relevance to education, but today he had a blog post that absolutely applies to education. Seth said this, “I guess the trick is to make the long term items even more urgent than today’s emergencies.”

Often schools and teachers have great ideas for reforms, initiatives, or just a new lesson plan but we don’t get all the way through to the goal because of all the “emergencies” (IEP’s, PETs, Discipline, Committees) that come up along the way. In education some emergencies have to be handled, but Seth’s point is still valid. The next time I have an “emergency” come up at school I’m going to try to ask myself if it is really an “emergency” or just a short term obstacle to reaching the long-term goal.
What do you think? Could Seth’s ideas apply to your school?


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