Students of the World

Students of the is a useful resource for social studies teachers at all grade levels. Students of the World provides all of the typical statistical data and general background information about countries that you would expect from an almanac.

A great feature of Students of the World is that the website provide students and teachers the opportunity to be penpals with classes around the world. Students of the hosts discussion forums and blogs through which students can connect with other students around the world.

Students of the has great educational games for designed for younger students.

Applications for Educators
Students of the has something for every student or teacher of global studies. The penpal portal would be a great way to have your students discuss current world news with students from another country thereby giving your students a more global perspective on the world. Have your class look at a class blog from a school in another country to see what schools around the world are teaching and learning. Overall, Students of the is a great way to open the eyes of your students to global perspectives.


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