Free Technology For Teachers: Social Networks for Kids, Teachers, and Parents

Students love social networking websites. Imbee has designed a platform through which teachers can capitalize on students’ attraction to social networks and turn social networking into an educational tool. Imbee, to borrow the old Kix cereal phrase, is “kid tested and mother approved.” Imbee provides a safe social networking platform for tweens (not quite teenagers). Imbee provides a platform for students to create profiles, share notes, post images and videos, and generally do all of the things the popular social networking sites do.

Imbee ensures the safety and security of young users by requiring parental or teacher approval to join a network and requires a parent or teacher to authenticate the identity of each Imbee user in a network.

Applications for Educators
Imbee allows teachers to set up networks for their own students. Teachers can then post assignments, notes, and images or videos relevant to class. Imbee provides teachers with ready-made permission slips explaining the website for parents to sign. Parents can be added to the network for your class so that they can see what their kids are doing and learning. Imbee provides a great introductory tour for teachers and lesson plans regarding the use of Imbee in the classroom.


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