Free Technology For Teachers: New PB Wiki Features

I’ve written about using PB Wiki and using a wiki in the classroom in the past. You can read my past writings about using wiki programs here and here. PB Wiki has released a whole bunch of great new features for educators. PB Wiki was the first wiki program I ever used in the classroom so I feel some kind of weird techno-nostalgic connection to PB Wiki. PB Wiki has a great new wiki about using and making wikis with students.

Here are a couple of short videos about using PB Wiki.

Applications for Educators
The PB Wiki educator Wiki has many great resources for teachers. One of the most valuable resources is the collection of rubrics for grading students making a wiki. One of the challenges associated with using new technology that teachers face is how to assess achievement. PB Wiki’s educator wiki demonstrates the collective wisdom of teachers around the world collaborating on the creation of rubrics. Collaboration is the real benefit of web 2.0 utilities.
Here are some useful pages from PB Wiki’s educator wiki.
Wiki Etiquette for Students
How to assess a student’s wiki
Examples of wikis in classrooms.


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