KidZui – “V-Chip” for the Internet

I’m going to make a one time only exception to my policy of only sharing free resources because this resource is so important that I have to make an exception. KidZui is a safe search engine and web browser for kids that has been reviewed by over two hundred teachers and parents. KidZui works in the opposite manner of typical safe search engines. Rather than blocking inappropriate content from search results KidZui only searches and shows links from approved websites. The idea is similar to Mahalo’s human powered search engine that physically reviews every website. KidZui has a pool of 500,000 approved websites that their search engine returns. KidZui gives parents the option of easily blocking additional websites or allowing additional websites. In this manner it is similar to channel locks on a television. KidZui appears to be great, but the service is not free its monthly cost is $9.95. For many parents this is a small price to pay for peace of mind while their children are online.


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