Free Technology For Teachers: Five Alternatives to YouTube – #2 Vimeo

One of the first things you’ll notice about Vimeo is the image quality of the videos. Vimeo has nearly 20,000 high definition videos. The image and sound quality of the videos on Vimeo is far superior to those found on YouTube. Vimeo has all of the sharing options found on YouTube, but in a much cleaner and easier to use interface. The search services on Vimeo provide more options than YouTube. For all of Vimeo’s side benefits, High Definition is the biggest draw for users.

Here are two short welcome to Vimeo videos, note the quality of the images and audio.

Welcome to Vimeo from Carleton Torpin on Vimeo.

“Vimeo is…” – JD from JD on Vimeo.


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