Free Technology For Teachers: FactHound – Safe Internet Searching

Fact Hound is a great website for students in grades K through 5. Fact Hound is a nice introduction to searching the Internet. Fact Hound chooses websites for students from a list of about 1600 kid safe websites. (In this way it is a lot like a large Google Custom Search Engine). The feature of Fact Hound that really caught my attention is that in addition to websites, Fact Hound returns a list of books related to the topic students are searching for information on. Fact Hound also lets students enter a book ISBN or ID number and Fact Hound will provide a list of related websites and books.

Applications for Educators
Fact Hound is a nice way to introduce students to searching on the Internet. The results lists are short enough to be easily managed and consumed by young students. The book list aspect of Fact Hound is a good tool for teaching students the benefits information from the Internet while also teaching the value of books in the 21st century.


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