Free Technology For Teachers: Email Overload

Maybe it’s the effects of the doldrums of March or maybe it’s email overload, but lately I have had a difficult time reading all of my email. One of the ways I’ve started to deal with this is to set a up an automatic sorting system so that emails from student addresses, emails from parent addresses, and emails from administration get sent to different folders. Has it actually helped me get through my email any faster? Probably not, but it was worth trying.

Today, on Read Write Web, Sarah Perez has a good article about dealing with email overload. Her article, Five Methodologies to Deal with Email Overload, range from simple ideas, delete an email if you haven’t acted on it in two days, to more extreme ideas like declaring “email bankruptcy.” I’m not ready to declare email bankruptcy yet, but some days I would like to. How do you deal with email overload?


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