Free Technology For Teachers: Protagonize – Collaborative Fiction Writing

is a collaborative writing website. The way it works is an author starts a story and then other users add to that story. The author can accept or decline the additions to the story. Some of the stories on Protagonize currently have more than twenty chapters.

Applications for Educators
Protagonize could be used in a similar manner to Zoho Writer or Google Documents in which story ideas can be shared and edited amongst a group. Protagonize can be used in a manner similar to that which I described last month when discussing uses for Twitter and Pownce. Give students a topic, a word, or an element of a story to get started and then have them contribute to the writing. A veteran English teacher I know has had great success using Twitter in this manner. The benefit of using Protagonize is that the story can be built without a text character limit and the story is saved as one document rather than lots of little pieces.


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