Free Technology For Teachers: A Vision of Students Today and in the Future

This video from Michael Wesch, Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University has been viewed more than 1.4 million times on YouTube so chances are you’ve probably heard of it. The video takes a look at today’s college student, their habits, their society, and what is important to their education. The video while about college students has a lot of relevance to teachers of all grade levels.
Here are two of the thought provoking statements from the video:
“When I graduate I will have a job that doesn’t exist today.” That statement that applies not only to college students but all students. What are we doing as educators to prepare students for jobs whose descriptions do not yet exist?
“This year I will read 8 books, 2300 webpages, and 1281 Facebook Profiles.” What are we doing as educators to engage students in learning through the use of current technologies?

Enjoy the video and join the discussion.


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