Free Technology For Teachers: Dropio adds another free service!, a free service that I’ve mentioned before, has added another free service. The new widget is a widget (button/icon) that you can install on a blog (or other website you maintain) to have files uploaded directly to your account. Installing the widget is very simple, the video below explains it perfectly. Click here to see how I’m using the widget on a blog for one of my freshmen classes.

This video from explains the service very well.

Application for Educators
The widget is a
n excellent tool for collecting student work electronically. Rather than having student work clutter your email account or making students go to a separate website to submit work they can upload their assignments from the same website where they participate in online discussions and find class notes.
The added benefit of using the widget is that unless you tell your students that they’re uploading to they’ll never know. They’ll think that you have awesome web programming skills and tha
t you created a secret online collection box off of your blog.


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