Free Technology For Teachers: Organize with Remember the Milk

Remember the is an online organizer that is growing in popularity by the day. Remember the Milk has a very simple and intuitive layout. The menus are simple drop-down menus. The entries you make into your “to do” list can be as brief or as detailed as you wish. Prioritizing and categorizing your lists is a snap. Take a look at the picture of my “work” list on Remember the Milk to get an idea of the basic layout. The lists you create you can share with others, a great feature for people working in teams on long projects. For those of you using PDA’s, Remember the Milk can be used on variety of mobile platforms including the Iphone. Those of you using Google Calendar or Ical will enjoy the capability to synchronize Remember the Milk with your calendar.

Applications for Educators
Remember the Milk’s s
imple and intuitive layout is great for getting kids to use the program without a lot of distractions or frustrations. Remember the Milk’s shared “to do” list feature is very useful for students to keep track of the tasks each group member needs to complete to get a group project done.

Here is what my work “to do” list looks like on Remember the Milk.


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