Free Technology For Teachers: Kerpoof, kids create and connect!

Kerpoof is a very exciting web application guaranteed to get elementary school students excited about school! Kerpoof lets kids create pictures, write stories, and make animated movies and then share their work with other students online. Kerpoof has a fantastic method for controlling who has access to a child’s work through password protection. If someone wants to see a student’s work they must get the password from the student’s parent or teacher. Teachers or parents are the only people who can create sharing groups and only those invited into the group and given the password can share work with group members.

Applications for Educators
Kerpoof could be used to have students create animated storyboards or time lines.
When I heard about Kerpoof my first thought was, what a great way to have elementary students create projects and share them with students in other parts of the country or world. According to Kerpoof’s press release they are currently developing the program in French, German, Spanish, and Russian.
Kerpoof has a great teacher resource page full of ideas about using Kerpoof in the classroom. Kerpoof’s teacher resource page even has story pages you can print out for students if your students don’t have access to computers in the classroom or if you would like to have students practice off-line before going online. Below I have embedded a demo video from Kerpoof.


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