Free Tech For Teachers: United Nations Cyberbus

The United Nations’ Cyber School Bus offers teachers a large number and variety of free lessons plans. The Cyber Bus provides links to country profiles, background information and explanations of current hot topics at the UN, and free webcasts of UN meetings and conferences. Probably the best feature of the Cyber Bus is list of available free lessons plans appropriate for all grades. The list includes lessons that can be conducted online (web scavenger hunts and interactive models) and off line.

Applications for Educators
The list of lesson plans an
d information available on the Cyber School Bus is exhaustive and likewise the list of applications for educators is exhaustive. The Model UN program is a great way to integrate Humanities and Science into one lesson plan. The webcasts of UN meetings and conferences is a great complement to the Model UN program as the webcasts give students a better understanding of the workings of the United Nations. Below is an image of the four items I’ve mentioned today.


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