Three New Padlet Slideshow Features

Back in February Padlet introduced a new feature that enables you to quickly turn a collection of notes on a Padlet wall into a slideshow. Recently, Padlet added three new features to its slideshow function. 

The latest Padlet slideshow features include a new slide navigator, a new QR code generator, and an automatic playback function. 
All of the new Padlet slideshow functions are demonstrated in this short video

Applications for Education

The Padlet slideshow option could be very handy when you’re trying to review with your whole class the contributions that they’ve made to a Padlet wall. I can see this being particularly useful when going through a set of KWL responses as it allows you and your class to focus on one item at a time without the distraction of other notes appearing in the background.


The new QR code generator for Padlet slideshows will make it easy to get all of your students looking at the same slides at the same time. The slideshow navigator should make it easy to quickly pull up one slide when you need it for a discussion prompt.

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