How to Collaborate on Canva Documents

The new Canva Documents tool has a lot of great features for teachers and students. Not the least of which is the ability to collaborate on documents and designs. 

The collaboration feature on Canva Documents enables you to invite anyone to work with you as a full editor or commenter on any document that you create from scratch or create from a template. Those who you invite to collaborate with you can add comments and suggestions into the margins of your documents. 

Much like Google Docs and the online version of Word, Canva documents has a revision history that you can view to see the changes you and your collaborators have made to your documents. 

Watch the video below to learn how to use the collaboration feature in Canva Documents. 

Video – How to Collaborate on Canva Documents. 

Applications for Education

Much like in Google Documents, the revision history in Canva Documents could prove to save a lot of frustration and confusion when students are working together for the first time. Being able to quickly view versions of the document can end arguments about who did what or who contributed the most.

Try using one of Canva’s note-taking templates to have students work together to record notes and observations during a science lab or similar group activity. 

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