Image Candy – A Free Suite of Image Editing Tools

Image Candy is a free set of image editing tools that you can use without having to register for any kind of account. In all there are thirteen free image editing tools included in Image Candy. All of them are quick and easy to use. 

Some of the free image editing tools that you’ll find on Image Candy include a background remover, watermark tool, meme generator, and image file-type converter. In the video that is embedded below I demonstrate a few of the easy-to-use features of Image Candy. 

Video – Remove Backgrounds, Make Memes, and More With Image Candy

Applications for Education

One of the first things that I thought of when trying Image Candy was to use the background remover to strip the background from a photograph and then use the new image as an overlay on another background like a famous landmark. Another way that you might have students use Image Candy is to create memes based on images of historical events and notable people in history. 

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