A New Google Slides Feature That Could Help Reduce Collaborator Confusion

For as long as Google Slides has existed one of the problems with it has been collaborators accidentally editing over each other’s work. In the early days of Google Slides, before I put collaboration protocols in place, I broke up a few “fights” between students who had accused each other of “wrecking” the other’s work. That type of situation could be avoided in the future with the use of a new “Follow” feature in Google Slides

The Follow feature in Google Slides enables collaborators to follow each other as they work on slides. To use the follow feature you simply have to click on the avatar (name) of your collaborator(s) as they’re working. You’ll then be able to see what they’re doing in real-time. Of course, if your collaborator isn’t doing anything, you won’t see anything happen on the slides. 

Applications for Education

The new follow feature in Google Slides could help to avoid situations in which one student overwrites another’s changes to a Google Slides presentation. The better solution to that problem is still to have students work together either in the same physical location or via Google Meet to discuss changes to slideshows they’re developing.


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