Readlee Adds Support for More Languages

As I wrote last week, Readlee was one of my favorite new tools of the last school year. It’s a tool that you can use to gain great insight into how your students read. Readlee does that through the use of AI that provides you and your students with feedback about things like how many words they’ve read, how many unique words they’ve read, how long they spent reading a passage, and much more. 

Last year Readlee only supported English. As of this week Readlee now supports Spanish, French, and German in addition to English. As they wrote in their announcement, the new language options in Readlee could be great for students who are learning a new language to get feedback on their pronunciation and fluency as well as motivate them to practice on a daily basis. 

Watch the video embedded below of a complete overview of how Readlee works from a teacher’s perspective and from a student’s perspective.

Watch the video embedded below for an overview of the new Readlee features


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