Join Me Next Week for a Webinar About Creating Digital Products and More

Creating and selling digital products like webinars, on-demand courses, and eBooks is one of the ways that I’ve been able to keep this site going and keep a roof over my head for the last decade. And I’ve done it without using any of the big marketplaces like Teachers Pay Teachers that take a substantial cut of your sales. Next week I’m hosting a webinar in which I’ll show you how you do the same. 

In How to Create and Sell Your Own Digital Products you’ll learn how to create eBooks, lesson materials, and online courses. In some ways creating the materials is the easy part. Selling is the harder part for many teachers. That’s why during the webinar I’ll show you how to sell your products without paying huge commission fees to online marketplaces. 

Learn more and register here to join me for this live webinar on March 22nd at 4pm ET.


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