How to Suppress Background Noise in Loom Recordings

If you use Loom to create screencast videos, there’s a new feature that you should be aware of. That feature is an option to have background noise automatically suppressed when you publish your videos. You’ll find this option under “video preferences” after you have finished recording your video. In this short video I demonstrate where to find the background noise suppression feature in Loom. 

It should be noted that this feature is currently in beta so it might not appear in all users’ accounts right away. As a point of reference, I have just a free Loom account and the feature showed up in my account this morning.

Applications for Education

This background noise suppression feature could be very helpful to those who have to record videos at school and have to contend with unplanned background noises like someone walking into your room or a loud HVAC system kicking on.

Speaking of background noises, here’s how to reduce background noise in Zoom and here’s how you can do it in Microsoft Teams.


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