How to Use Canva Designs in Google Slides

Last week a reader sent me a question asking if it was possible to use Canva design templates in Google Slides. The short answer is yes, you can use Canva designs in Google Slides. The longer answer involves taking a couple of steps to get there. 

To use a Canva design template in Google Slides you’ll, obviously, need a Canva account. Select a template from Canva’s massive gallery of cool presentation template then download it as a PPTX file. The last step is to then import that PPTX file into your Google Slides presentation. The whole process is demonstrated in this short video

Applications for Education

The impetus for the question about using Canva designs in Google Slides was that the reader has a Canva account, but she wanted to be able to put her presentation in a shared Google Drive folder for her department.

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