A New Way to Add Students to Flipgrid

This week Flipgrid released a bunch of helpful updates. My favorite of those updates is a new way to invite students to join your Flipgrid groups. Now you can invite them by simply sharing a link to your group. You can share that link in your LMS of choice, post it on your blog, or email it to your students. You could even share the invite link via a QR code. 

In this new video I demonstrate how to use the new invite via link option in Flipgrid. The video shows a teacher’s perspective of inviting students to a Flipgrid group. The video also shows a student’s perspective of joining a Flipgrid group through an invite link. 

This new option for inviting people to join Flipgrid groups should prove to be a lot easier than having to invite people via email or by manually adding their names to your group. It could be particularly useful when creating Flipgrid groups the will have members from multiple schools that use different email domains.


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