How to Create Re-usable Daily Check-in Forms

Last week a reader emailed me with a question about creating a form that could be used many times over for things like daily check-in or exit ticket questions. He wanted to be able to have all responses in one place where responses could easily be sorted according to date or name. My suggestion was to create a Google Form and then sort the responses in a connected Google Sheet. 

In this short video I demonstrate the two ways that I would create a Google Form for daily check-ins and then view and sort responses in Google Sheets. 

To learn more about sorting information in Google Sheets, watch this short video.

Applications for Education

As I mentioned in the video above, repeatedly using a Google Form to collect information about how your students feel about each day’s lessons could be a good way to identify patterns or trends. For example, if every Wednesday my students respond with “I don’t get it,” I’ll want to examine what’s happening on Wednesdays that’s impacting my students’ comprehension of the day’s lessons. Perhaps every Wednesday my lesson is right before lunch whereas on other days it’s right after lunch (a true quirk of my schedule last year).


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