How to Create Live, Subtitled Translations of Presentations

One of the questions we answered during this afternoon’s session of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions was, “I want to be able to translate my class discussions into Spanish in real-time and project that to a small group of students in my music class that do not speak English. Is that possible?” The answer is yes, that is possible. The way to do that is to use an often overlooked feature of PowerPoint. 

The web browser version of PowerPoint has a built-in subtitle and translation feaure. To use it you simply choose the language that you are speaking in and choose the language in which you want subtitles to appear. With this feature enable it’s possible for me to speak in English and my subtitles to appear in Spanish, French, Icelandic, or dozens of other languages. 

In this video I demonstrate how to generate live, translated subtitles for your PowerPoint presentations.


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