A Great Way to Explore Newspapers of the World

At the end of August I shared a couple of neat ways to explore newspapers of the world through interactive maps. Over the weekend, thanks to Larry Ferlazzo, I learned about another interactive map of newspapers from around the world. 

Today’s Front Pages is an interactive display of the front pages of nearly 500 newspapers from around the world. You can view the display as a grid, as a list, or as an interactive map. When you click on one of the front pages it enlarges in a pop-up so that you can read it. From that pop-up window you can also download the front page as a PDF and or click through the newspaper’s website to read more. 

Applications for Education

Today’s Front Pages
could be a great resource for students to use to compare reporting about topics and events around the world. One way that I’d use Today’s Front Pages is to pick a front-page story from our local newspaper and then assign regions of the world or states to each student to summarize how the same story was reported elsewhere, if at all.


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