How to Password-protect an Edublogs Blog

For more than a decade Edublogs has been my go-to recommendation for anyone looking to build a classroom blog or website outside of the Google environment. One of the reasons for that recommendation is the priority that Edublogs gives to content privacy protection and teacher management of students’ accounts. That’s why I recommended Edublogs earlier this week to a reader of my newsletter who asked me for a recommendation for a platform that elementary school students could use to collaborate on a website without the site having to be public. 

In Edublogs you and your students can create blogs that are entirely private or semi-private. A completely private blog can be created by password-protecting the entire site or by selectively password-protecting individual posts and pages within the blog. In this short video I demonstrate how to apply all of those settings. 

Applications for Education

Creating a private or semi-private blog in Edublogs can be a good way for students to chronicle and share their learning experiences over the course of a semester or year. Doing that not only provides students with a way to reflect on what they’ve learned but it also provides them with a way to practice and develop their writing skills. 
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