My Big List of Padlet Tutorials

On Thursday morning I published a video about how to use Padlet to create multimedia timelines. As I mentioned in Thursday’s blog post I’ve been using Padlet for more than a decade. In fact, when I started using it it was called Wall Wisher. Over the years I’ve made a lot of tutorial videos about how to use various aspects of Padlet and shared a lot of ideas for using it in variety of classroom settings. What follows isn’t all of the tutorials that I’ve made, but it does include all of the most popular functions and some “hidden” features of Padlet. 

The Basics of How to Use Padlet

How to Remake and Reuse a Padlet Wall

How to Create a Multimedia Map in Padlet

How to Make a Video Playlist in Padlet

Nine Ways to Add Notes to Padlet Walls

How to use Padlet Reactions

How to enable commenting on Padlet

Sharing & Privacy in Padlet

How to Use Padlet Mini

How to Embed Padlet Walls Into Google Sites – Two Options

How to Create an Online Art Gallery With Padlet and Google Sites

How to Create a Backchannel on Padlet

Even more tutorials are available here on my YouTube channel

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