Three Ways to Create Online Forms to Collect Samples of Your Students’ Work

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Teaching online classes and hybrid classes is a new challenge for many if not most of us. Collecting samples of work like math problems that students have traditionally done on physical paper is particularly challenging for some. One solution to that is to create online forms through which students or their parents acting on their behalf can submit pictures of their work. On a similar note, many teachers of world languages have reached out asking for advice on collecting audio recordings of their students speaking. Both of those challenges can be addressed by creating online forms to which students upload audio recordings. 

Here are three good options for creating online forms to which students can upload samples of their work as image, video, and or sound files. 

Google Forms has offered a file upload option for the last few years. Watch this video to see how it works.

JotForm is another good tool for creating online forms that accept file uploads. JotForm also lets you create forms that people can fill and sign online. Watch this video for an overview of some of JotForm’s key features.

Microsoft Forms offers a file upload option. Students have to be signed into their school-issued Microsoft accounts in order to upload files. Here’s a video overview of how this works. 


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