Knoword Offers Fun Vocabulary and Spelling Games

Knoword is a site that I first reviewed more than eight years ago. Over the years the it has evolved but one thing has remained the same, it offers a fun and challenging way for students to test their vocabulary and spelling skills.

The latest iteration of Knoword has three levels for students to play. The game is played the same way across all three levels. To play the game simply pick a level and then hit “Begin.” Once you begin you have 90 seconds to correctly spell as many words as possible. The catch is that you have guess what words to spell based on the definitions that are provided. It’s a bit like Jeopardy in that way. You can earn more time to keep the game going by getting streaks of five correct words in row.

Applications for Education
Knoword offers a fun way for students to test their spelling and vocabulary skills. Students can play the game without signing up for a Knoword account. But they can sign up for an account if they want to keep track of their scores.


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