How to Avoid the Google Calendar Scheduling Mistake I Keep Making

Google Calendar is a great tool for scheduling appointments with students, friends, and colleagues. I use it all the time. Despite my regular use of Google Calendar I’ve made an annoying mistake with it twice in the last week.

I’m using Google Calendar to schedule times to record episodes of a new podcast. I have a bunch of guests lined-up to be on the podcast. The guests are all appearing virtually so I’m using to have them call in and we record through Zoom.

The annoying mistake that I’ve made twice in the last week is forgetting to remove the default Google Hangout link that is generated in the Google Calendar invitation and replace it with the Zoom link. Because of that mistake both of my guests this week have been sitting in an empty Google Hangout waiting for me while I was sitting in an empty Zoom meeting waiting for them.

In the following video I demonstrate how to remove the default Google Hangout/ Meeting link that appears Google Calendar invitations.

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