Glide Now Lets You Publish App Templates

Glide is probably my favorite new tool of 2019. The free service lets you take a Google Sheet and quickly turn it into a mobile app. It can be used to create all kinds of apps including staff directories, study guides, scavenger hunts, and local tourism guides. My tutorial on how to use Glide can be seen here.

This week Glide introduced a new feature that lets you share your app as a template. This means that once you’ve created an app that you like you can share it and let others make a copy of it to modify for their own needs.

Applications for Education

This new feature of Glide could be useful in providing students with a template for an app that they can modify and build upon. Of course, the nature of Glide’s basis on Google Sheets makes it possible to students to collaborate on the content displayed within their apps.


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