Intro to Using AR & VR in Your Classroom – Webinar This Thursday

More than 100 people have participated in a Practical Ed Tech webinar this month. Thank you for your support!

This Thursday I’m hosting the last Practical Ed Tech webinar of the month. This week’s webinar is Intro to Using AR & VR in Your Classroom. This an update to last year’s webinar on the same topic. It has been updated for the new school year with new research, new tools, and new ideas for using augmented reality and virtual reality in your classroom.

Five Things You Can Learn in Intro to Using AR & VR in Your Classroom

  • The differences between AR and VR.
  • How to create AR and VR experiences.
  • Research on the benefits of AR and VR in education.
  • The best AR and VR apps for beginners.
  • Solutions to common quirks with AR and VR apps.

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